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Celebrating The Italian National Day 2024 In Lagos

  • As the thead of the Lagos State Office Of Diaspora Affairs (LASDA), I was deeply honored to be part of the Italian National Day Celebration 2024.

Standing before the esteemed guests, I felt a profound sense of connection with our Italian friends who have become an integral part of Lagos' diverse community, and

 i also shared Mr. Governor's @jidesanwoolu vision for a #GreaterLagosRising, which is inclusive and welcomes the partnership of the international community.

I extend my sincerest gratitude to Consul General Ugo Boni for his warm welcome and commendable leadership. The Italian diaspora in Lagos has contributed immensely to our city's development, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge, innovation, and a spirit of entrepreneurship that resonates with the heartbeat of Lagos.

 As I spoke, I saw the faces of individuals who, though far from their homeland, have found a second home here in Lagos. It was filled with joyous celebrations, meaningful conversations, and a shared vision for prosperity.

As we look ahead, I am excited for the opportunities that lie in our partnership with the Italian community. Together, we will continue to nurture this bond and watch as it flourishes, bringing progress and prosperity to all involved.

#TogetherWeGrow 🇳🇬🤝🇮🇹


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