Sanwo-Olu Meets CEO's & Investors At World Economic Forum , Davos.

I had lunch with CEOs & investors attending the World Economic Forum in Davos after attending an infrastructure & investment session.

We talked about opportunities in Lagos & how they can help accelerate our plans #ForAGreaterLagos

CEOs and investors at the WEF talked about how political risk is a factor affecting their investment in Lagos but I reassured them that Lagos State as the economic nerve centre of the country presents the best environment for global investments.

Investors believe in stability and growth and my assurance is based on my belief that Lagosians will vote enmasse for our agenda in March.

Lets do this Lagos!

Eko a sanwa o.

#ForAGreaterLagos #SanwoOluAtWEF

#ForAGreaterLagos #BabajideSanwoOlu

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