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5 Job Hunting Mistakes You Should Avoid In 2020

If you don’t want your job hunt to be a demoralizing, difficult, and futile attempt, you have to cut out several mistakes. The fact is not many potential employees know what they’re getting wrong. They seem to fulfill all the requirements, have a splendid-looking resume but still can’t land a job.

If you’re one of such people with an unsuccessful job hunt in 2019, avoid these 5 mistakes to stand a better chance in 2020. To wit…

1. Beating Around the bush

It’s 2020 and employers are even more interested in what you can bring to the table. What value can you add to their organization? Rather than go on and on about all you’ve ever done, focus more on what you’ve accomplished.

Employers are particularly interested in the main features and highlights of your ability to fit in to what they have. This means you’ll be better served when you indicate areas of your career that generate more interests.

2. Taking Rejection Personally

Rejection is definitely part of the process. So taking it personally does more harm than good. If you faced a lot of that in 2019 but took it the wrong way, let your job hunt in 2020 be different. Sure, it’s not easy getting a reject mail or not receiving a feedback. This should help you prepare better for the next job search, and possibly push for a favorable feedback.

3. Applying for Every job

Applying for every job you come across sets you up for a big fail. This is because doing so makes you lose focus. Also, you begin to appear desperate when you hop onto every call for applications.

Taking shots for the sake of it doesn’t mean you get to score. Same thing applies to job hunting. Instead, you’ll put off potential employers especially if you can’t keep track of all your applications. What’s more, you might forget to align your resume with information useful to any specific organization.

Avoid applying for every job out there. Take your time to research on fewer applications, and follow through on them.

4. Not Standing out from the Competition

Job hunters often have one thing in common. They all sound alike. This is disadvantageous especially when there’s a scramble to fill few positions. What you want is to be unique and different from the rest. This you can do by outlining your achievements.

The fact is the responsibilities attached to job openings are the same for all applicants. What stands you out will be your achievements and skills that leave you better-placed to get hired.

5. Downplaying Talents and Achievements

You really want that job but downplay your obvious skills and talents for some reasons. This includes low self-esteem, fear, and not wanting to sound arrogant. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to shine or let people know just how good you are. In any case, most employers will still put you to the test. So it makes no sense to keep your talents and experiences secret.

Final Thoughts

2020 could be the year you get that dream job. Avoiding these mistakes is definitely a bold step in the right direction.

©Patrick Okunima


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