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TORONTO — fourteen days after Russia attacked Ukraine, Brazil's farming priest was on a plane to Canada to head off a potential harvest emergency.

Brazil, one of the world's biggest farming makers, generally treats its yields with potash sent from Russia and Belarus. At the point when the two nations actually stopped potash trades during the Ukraine struggle, Brazil moved toward asset rich Canada for reinforcement. Tereza Cristina, Brazil's priest of farming, said in a public articulation she had gotten an undisclosed expansion in products of potash from Canadian makers after gatherings with government authorities and industry leaders. Before the Ukraine struggle, Brazil imported around 36% of its potash from Canada, contrasted with close with half imported from Russia and Belarus.

"We can and should reinforce our ties and fortify long haul organizations, with the end goal of guaranteeing steadiness and productivity for all connections in the creation chain," she said.

The developing interest in Canadian potash and different items is an impression of how the contention in Ukraine is stirring up and realigning worldwide exchange streams. Purchasers looking for trades for items that are confined in Russia are additionally seeking Brazil for oil, to South Africa for platinum and Argentina for wheat.


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