Be Your Own Cheerleader

Photo: Kate Selene

A cheerleader is an ardent and outspoken supporter of someone. 

Without a doubt, it is always common to find yourself applauding others, going the extra  mile to make some body feel better when there is a negative situation. But when the reverse is the case, you beat yourself up and talk down on yourself. 

Life comes with its wholesome package of challenges, hence, every little win should be celebrated not just by others but by you too.

You are deserving of cheers and regard, just as everybody else is. 

So how can you cheer yourself: 

  • Make every win a big deal: Don’t wait for people to do this for you. Make a big deal of every win. You worked hard to see this win, you put in your time and energy, so every win is a big deal!

  • Highlight only the positives: Don’t nitpick at everything you do. The same way you like to help people not pay attention to the negatives and saddening parts of their story, channel that same energy to you too!

  • Treat yourself: You know the way you will take a friend out to celebrate when they overcome a milestone? Do the exact same thing to yourself.

Don’t wait to be cheered on by others, cheer yourself on. You deserve it ; )

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