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Consistency is key!

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It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

Tony Robbins

When you think of consistency, what comes to mind?

A very simple definition of consistency is repeating an action until the desired outcome is achieved. Very simple but weighty. The outcome of life is dependent on what we indulge in. If you are looking to build a successful life or business, then consistency should be your friend.

Consistency produces whatever it is applied to. It is a system–whatever you do over and over is what will shape the result you produce, whether negative or positive. Let's use the gym as a case study. If you would like to shed some weight, and you consistently exercise, you will shed weight. However, if you do not exercise and you consistently treat your body with detrimental meals or actions, you will keep piling fat.

Simply put, consistency is a weapon that births good results if implemented right. If you will succeed, you must be consistent in cultivating the right habits in life.

So ask yourself, what are you consistent with? What do you regularly invest in your time? What urges do you regularly satisfy? What cravings do you indulge in? This will give you a picture of where your life is headed.

As much as consistency is the key to success, it can also be a key to failure.

What you should know about consistency:

There are several reasons why you should be consistent. Let's see a few:

Consistency helps you measure effectiveness: If you start something and do it for just a day, you won’t ever know the possibilities it can give birth. Consistency lets you in on the possibilities each habit or decision holds and lets you explore. It also helps you check how much different your life has become since you applied yourself to the habit or action.

Consistency is a propelling force: It is a law, anything you apply yourself to regularly, must yield results.

Consistency helps to build momentum to maximize opportunity: Doing something consistently helps you to know more about it. Therefore, when an opportunity presents itself, you can function optimally.

Consistency is a key driver for success. Once you can apply yourself to being consistent in the right things, you will find yourself blossoming.

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