Corruption Remains an Obstacle To National Development: ICPC President

Corruption remains a major obstacle to development and a destroyer of ethical values ​​in Nigeria, Bolaji Owasanoye, President of the ICPC, has said.

Mr Owasanoye said this on Monday at Harvest Fields International’s ‘Annual Leadership Making a Difference Seminar’ held in Lagos.

According to a statement by ICPC spokesperson Azuka Ogugwa on Tuesday, the ICPC president said that corruption undermines infrastructure development due to suspicious procurement processes.

He said: “Corruption is the biggest obstacle to development and an existential threat to unity. It affects everyone and everything in a negative and serious way.

“At a minimum, corruption destroys ethical and moral values; compromises security, justice and the rule of law; deprives citizens of economic, social and constitutional rights; it breeds distrust, mistrust, unemployment, violence;


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