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Covid-19: Lagos Yet to Reach Peak - Health Commissioner

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, has said the state is yet to reach COVID-19 peak despite recording the highest number of coronavirus cases in Nigeria.

Abayomi, who spoke at a press briefing on Sunday, explained that no prediction could be made on when Lagos would reach its peak.

The commissioner said, “Seeing an increased number of patients does not mean that we are losing control, Lagos State has yet to reach the peak; the point we are making is that the increase in the number of cases per day is sustained but it is a gradual process.

“Had we not put strategies in place, we would have been seeing a steep rise in the number of cases per day. Right now, we are just seeing a very gradual increase in the number of cases recorded per day, which indicates that our graph is flat and that our strategies for the main time have been effective.

“We know we have not peaked yet, we don’t know when that peak will happen, it may take a few more months, but as long as we can keep the numbers of new cases per day, just increasing at a gradual rate, then that defines our curve as being flat as opposed to a steep curve; and that indicates that the Lagos State strategies are indeed very effective.”


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