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Embrace Your Dreams

Over time, people have been made to believe that they weren’t enough or able to become who they desire to be. These notions often begin with the very common phrase, “You cannot..”

Sometimes, it can be fed to you by your teachers, peers, family and even yourself. But you must realize this, of all of creation, Humans are the most diverse creatures with unmatched strength and capabilities. You have the power to create.

You have the ability to frame the reality you want live in. Nobody knows you like you know yourself, as such, whatever they tell you is only from the limited perception they have of you.

So, defining your dream in alignment with that perception is robbing yourself of soaring great heights, and depriving the world of the solutions your dreams will provide.

You carry within you power to become who you desire to become. What does this mean? Simple. Have you ever wanted to do something that seemed so daunting but the moment you close your eyes and say “I can do it.” You suddenly feel a rush and then you take that bold step? Yes, that’s what I mean.

Inherent in you, is strength. Strength to do even the daring things and still come out on the other side, victorious. Inside of you, is will. And where there is a will, there is a way.

So, embrace your dreams, and don’t let others define your acceptance of it. Proof that you can achieve is that you can dream. You have the power to become, don’t curb it, use it.

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