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Hoodlums Invade NASS, Reps Spokesman, BenKalu Cries Out

Suspected hoodlums have broken into the office suites of Hon. Benjamin Kalu, Spokesman of the House Of Representatives, according to Igbere TV.

The Lawmaker, who is the representating Bende Federal Constituency of Abia State said he was shocked when he found out on Tuesday morning that his office had been burgled.

Kalu, while lamenting the incident at his office said members of the National Assembly were no longer safe to carry out their legislative duties.

Kalu further said he had asked his aides to report the incident to the Sergeant-At-Arms and other security bodies at the National Assembly, while he would interface with the House Committees on Police Affairs and Internal Security.

He said, “upon resumption of work at the above-mentioned office on the morning of Tuesday, 12th May 2020, my aide observed that electrical power in the entire suite had been turned off.

“Upon further investigation, we were shocked to find that the corridor entrance into my main office was

mysteriously unlocked, having been used to gain entrance into the suite.

“We also observed that a wooden cabinet previously used to barricade the entrance from inside had been forced aside and that several of the items hitherto occupying the top of the cabinet lay strewn across the floor, indicating signs of an unauthorised entry”.

Kalu, who provided picture and video exhibits of his vandalised office, insisted that his offices were “meticulously locked” last Tuesday and nobody was permitted to have access into the suite until this morning.

The Lawmaker said his office was “currently taking inventory of all items and documents in the office to ascertain which items are missing” while calling on the security agencies to conduct “a swift and thorough investigation” into the matter.

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