How to build your confidence

As humans, we must understand that challenges and life go hand in hand. There will always be hurdles that tear at your vision and make you second guess yourself and your vision. While it is normal to go through this, it is dangerous to let the negativity birthed from such experiences thrive in your mind because it breaks your confidence until there is nothing left.

Now, this is why building your confidence is very key. It is a hands-on activity that requires intentionality. How can you build your confidence?

Celebrate every win

Naturally, as humans we tend to focus on the negatives and recall all of our failures for the day rather than highlight the positive things that occurred. This will make you second guess your vision. Hence, to build confidence, make a mental or physical record of your wins. Always keep them in remembrance because they are weapons in your arsenal that will help you fight the uncertainties when they arise.

Another plus is if you focus on your wins, you can study them, highlight what made it possible, then implement your findings to turn your failures around.

Talk positively to yourself

A common mistake people make is to talk down on themselves. Scientific studies that have been conducted prove that words not only affect people psychologically but also have a major impact on the outcome of the life in question. This means that if you speak positively to yourself, you increase your chances of attaining success.

So, cultivate the art of speaking positively to yourself.

Say with me;

I am a champion.

I am excellent and wise.

I am not ordinary.

I am not a burden but a productive asset in whatever space I find myself!

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