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How to Change your Thought Pattern

The mind and thought patterns go hand in hand, and if you must overcome any hurdle, you must first win in your mind. Now, a key aspect that aids progress is to identify what your thought pattern is and what destination it is taking to you. Take a moment to think about this.

Now, if you have identified some negative thought patterns, it is no reason to be down. Instead, it means you need to get to the detoxification of your mind. You can liberate your mind! How? Well, the same way there are drugs to counter sickness, negative thought patterns has its remedy too—refocusing.

When you have a negative thought, focus immediately on the positive opposite. Let’s see examples:

• When discouraging thoughts set in, be quick to say “I’m not entirely sure of the outcome but I’ll do my best and I trust that the result will be good!”

• When you make a mistake, extend grace to yourself. “Oops! I made a mistake. I have learnt from this now, and I’ll do better next time. I’ve got this!”

• Whenever you feel the urge to brace for judgement, catch yourself and say, “I don’t know how people will receive this, but I won’t grow if I don’t try. And, no matter how it turns out, I will have an amazing learning journey”

Understand that most negative thoughts stem from fear, and while it is okay to feel afraid or discouraged, remaining in those frames of mind for long is a definite no-no!

So, whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively, stop and immediately think the opposite. It’s a very simple technique, but it requires intentionality. After acknowledging your fear that birthed the wrong thought patterns, try out the new and positive one. Say it over and over to yourself at all times. It will liberate your mind.

Now, you must pay close attention to your mind, and when it dishes negativity, instantly combat it with positivity!

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