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How to deal with a lot of tasks

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Having a lot on your plate is sometimes inevitable. There are times you can finish up with everything, and other times you end the day with a multitude of activities on your to-do list still unchecked. Usually, this breeds the feeling of inefficiency and anxiety.

But, here are a few things that could help:

  • Write out your to-do list

A to-do list is a compass that helps you stay organized. It gives you a clear picture of your tasks and helps them seem more manageable. It also helps you organize your time so you can have breaks.

  • Pick out tasks 

Humans are guilty of juggling a lot at a time. This will only lead to burnout. So, pick one or two tasks from your to-do list, and dedicate a specific amount of time to seeing them through. In this period, don’t do anything else but what you have apportioned to that specific time. 

  • Take breaks

This is very important. There will always be work on your plate, hence breaks are extremely key to help you remain efficient. 

These are three easy steps that can help see you through handling a lot of tasks. Finally, don't think you can not handle the tasks. You can! Have at it! 

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