How To Deal With Procrastination

Procrastination like any other thing that ails health has solutions. So what are the solutions to this long-standing problem? 


  • Identify The Cause of Procrastination.

Honesty and acceptance of a problem is the first step in solving any problem. Hence, before identification happens, you must accept that you have been procrastinating. 

Now, identifying the cause can be done in threefold. First, identify the activities you need to get done. Secondly, identify why you are shirking these activities, and thirdly, identify the activities you indulge in to avoid carrying out these activities.

Now that you have identified it, it charts a clear path for you to solve the problem, and it helps you steer clear of these distractions. It also helps you deal appropriately with the feelings that sponsor procrastination.

  • Create Rewards 

Rewards are one of the top motivating tactics that exist. People put in more effort and intentionality when there is a clear view of what good is to come out of their diligence. You are no different.

For every stage, you need to accomplish, attach a reward to its end. 

  • Be accountable 

When you are accountable to someone, the consequences of your failed actions are more evident. Because, whilst you will mince words with yourself or gloss over your wrongs, your partner wouldn’t. When you fail to commit or honour commitments, it will tell on your partnership. 

Accountability, therefore, creates intentionality which keeps procrastination at bay.

  • Divide Your Tasks

Sometimes, procrastination happens because the task is too massive. So, divide your tasks into bits and handle them. This reduces the pressure and sponsors willingness.

  • Set alarms and reminders

Setting alarms and reminders on your devices will help keep you in check. This is very helpful when you have daily tasks.

For solutions to work, there must be action. Make up your mind, be determined and act, you will see the results! 

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