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How To Keep The Hunger (1)

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What would you say is important when it comes to actualizing your vision? 

There are different answers to this question but one stands out. Hunger. 

Hunger is a necessity when it comes to chasing your vision. It is what pushes you to keep pursuing your dreams until they are actualized, regardless of the obstacles you might encounter. 

Without a doubt, the journey to the fruition of your goals is never easy. You will be faced with different circumstances; some palatable, some unpalatable. From lack of resources to getting results and pressurizing yourself to do better, to sourcing for sponsorship or putting together a great team to help drive the vision. The list is truly endless. 

Nonetheless, the question worthy of deliberation is:

What can you do when you get to this point? How can you hold on to your vision long enough to see its fruition regardless of these threatening circumstances? 

Here are some suggestions: 

  • Have Consultations 

Consultations are very important in every sector, and very importantly, in the area of goals and achievements. Consultation is simply having discussions with people who are learned and experienced in your area of focus. 

This is important because these people have taken deep strides into the sector you are seeking to enter. They have waded through tough situations that could have capsized their vision. They have experienced tough times and even easy times. 

All of these experiences have made them sound in proffering guidance and help to their successors. 

Consultations provide you with the clarity you need to move from where you are, and closer to your vision. 

  • Record Your Progress

Research and experience have proven that recording your progress increases your likelihood of attaining your goals. It is as simple as recording the little profit you made from sales, or the sales pitch with your sponsors that earned you another meeting with the higher-ups, the fact that you were able to stick to your diet for weight loss, or even the pounds you lost. 

Recording your progress lets you know you are not stuck, but you are getting better and you are thriving…

Read the next post for a conclusion.

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