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How To Keep The Hunger (2)

Photo: National Film And Video Censors Board

  • Reward Yourself 

When is the best time to reward yourself? Just when you make huge wins? I'd say no! Reward yourself when you take baby steps. Don't wait till you make big wins. Here's why; rewarding yourself increases your dopamine levels which makes you happy. 

When you are happy, the energy to keep pushing is automatically birthed and the hunger is stirred. Do you see? It starts a productive cycle. 

  • Check Your Approach

Consider the approach you are implementing for the realization of your vision. Is it productive? If it is, is the one that can be more productive? 

Even if you started pursuing your goal with a certain approach, you can adopt a new one that increases your chances of success. So, do some research and make sure your approach is foolproof.

  • Find A Community

A community provides you with the much-needed support and willing accountability partners who are having similar experiences as you are and are headed towards the same goal as you are. 

Having a community creates a sense of belonging and safety. You can express your struggles, get solutions and grow. You can celebrate your wins, and be motivated by your colleagues’ wins. The list is endless. A community is like a family, a safe space that provides means to meet your needs. 

Finally, these are some steps you can employ when it comes to keeping the hunger (in no particular order). Which will you will apply?

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