How To Run With Ideas (1)

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Ideas are rare jewels that occasionally appear. Some are truly transformative, such as building an airplane. Others, well, you know, are a touch out there—like going to work dressed as a clown. It's almost absurd, don't you think? Exactly!

Ideas are great and should be handled as such, but you need to be able to distinguish between those worth investing in and those that are not.

What then is an idea?

The first step in making anything successful is having an idea.

Any success is built on a successful concept. Despite his setbacks, Thomas Edison held onto the lightbulb idea because he could envision the greater benefit that it would accomplish for humanity.

  • Make a written record of your thoughts.

Keep an idea journal. Every thought that comes to you, write down. Some concepts are present-day, while others are long-term. Never dismiss an idea; instead, record it.

  • Describe your concept.

When it comes to the idea cycle, identifying your idea may be the most crucial piece of advice. This will reveal if you are pouring time and money into a dead end or spending your resources in something that will have an impact and generate rewards.

Not every concept will succeed. Thomas Edison could continue trying to create the lightbulb because he had assessed the idea's current state and was confident it would be fantastic and significant.

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