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How To Tackle Tasks

Tasks - a duty or a function

Without a doubt, most times, you experience burnout when faced with a myriad of tasks spread out over a short time. Hence, learning how to manage your tasks consistently is a necessity for a proper work-life balance.

So here are some helpful tips.

  • Create An Explicit List of Tasks

It is easier to run with a clearly stated vision rather than a vague one. So, list each task that is due or almost due for completion and highlight the deadline as well. It is better to be very thorough. Doing this will help ease the pressure that comes with having a lot of tasks to do at the same time. 

  • Put Your Task List In Categories

The level of urgency for every task differs, as sich categorizing is a must. Create different categories and name them according to their level of urgency. It can be important, super important, and so on. 

  • Start With The Most Daunting Task

Starting with the most unappealing task is a well-known trick that helps you achieve more. Once the giant is out of the way, dealing with the rest of the tasks will be a smoother ride. 

  • Avoid Multitasking 

According to research, multitasking is not as helpful as the popular school of thought presents. Multitasking is switching between two or more things at the same time without making real progress. 

Hence, pick a task and finish it. When you finish one, start another. This will help you deal with undue pressure and reduce the items on your to-do list. 

  • Avoid Distractions

An effective task management strategy is avoiding distractions. Maximize uninterrupted focus time, and keep distractions at bay. You can turn off notifications, and take only strictly work calls except for emergencies.

  • Stick To Your List and Specified Deadlines

Follow your list strictly and be very firm with your deadlines. This is a super effective tactic for task management if it is followed. 

Employing these tips is super helpful in managing a myriad of tasks. 

Have at it!

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