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Keep The Hunger

Hey! I know the title might remind your belly to rumble but I promise this is not an ad for McDonald's or Cold Stone Creamery.

Hunger is a diverse word that is not only associated with food. It transcends just being an uncomfortable sensation stirred up by lack of food. In this context, hunger is a strong desire for an upgrade, a craving, a drive to pursue a vision and to bring it to reality.

Birthing a vision is important, it takes you halfway into the journey, but, hunger is the vehicle that keeps you in the race and takes you to the end of the journey.

Why is hunger important?

Hunger influences your sight. Hunger makes you see obstacles as opportunities instead of reasons to give up. Hunger boosts your confidence and gives you the boldness to try and to try again.

There's no success that was born without hunger. Steve Jobs was hungry and he attributes his extraordinary success to hunger. His insatiable desire for success converted every challenge he faced to stepping stones that led to the birthing of Apple.

The world does not need another Steve Jobs, the world needs you. So keep the hunger burning!

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