Lagos Diaspora Destination: Agbalata Market Badagry

Photo: Nigeria -

The location in the spotlight today is The Agbalata International Market in Badagry!

This one of Lagos' most important markets. It's a spot where you can acquire just about anything, from the town's widely acclaimed mat to luscious coconut and inexpensive consumables. Amazing right?

The market is dominated by the Egun people and it is always busy, with  all the types of trading going on!

Also, the location’s proximity to the border and the port makes its convenient for people from far and wide to access it.

Agbalata market is quite vast, and people travel from far and wide to buy and sell at reasonable prices. The market is sectionalized and very organized with sellers of the same products in the same area. You can find anything from foodstuffs, to electronics, textiles and to the popular Agbada mat at the market.

Photo: Pulse Nigeria

Have you ever gone shopping there?

If you haven’t, you absolutely should!

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