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Lagos State Civil Servants from Level 1-12 To Work From Home - Gov. Sanwo-Olu.

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The fight to protect us from #COVID19 will involve rapidly evaluating situations and making decisions. Starting tomorrow, for the next 14 days, Lagos State Civil Servants from Level 1-12 will work from home and have been given strict instructions on social distancing. We are mobilising our secondary and tertiary health facilities in the state while a new Isolation Centre is being set up at Gbagada General Hospital.

This work-from-home excludes our first responders, medical personnel, fire fighters, members of emergency services, those in waste management operations and all those in essential services.

Our retired health professionals have been put on notice to join us in fighting #COVID19, if and when we require them.

There will be no let up in our determination to battle #COVID-19 to a standstill.

This is not the time to attack the government, it is a time to work with us. Our agencies are empowered to enforce our new rule for events and other gatherings. This is not a religious issue but one of common sense and responsibility.

Click To Watch Video #COVID19


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