Lagos Subjects Fresh Lockdown To Online Vote

The Lagos State Government has subjected its proposed lockdown to a vote on social media.

According to the state government, the decision was informed by the disregard for social distancing and other guidelines issued by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and health experts.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the state government wrote, “Considering the level of compliance with government’s directives on limiting the spread of COVID-19 in Lagos State, should the state government impose another lockdown or not?”

The government asked residents to vote yes, no or neutral.

As of 12pm on Wednesday, over 53,000 votes had been cast.

About 51.4 percent of respondents asked the state government to issue a fresh lockdown order while 37.2 votes against it. The remaining 11.5 percent of the responders were indifferent.

The state government had recently threatened to issue a fresh lockdown after videos emerged of how residents were not adhering to the health guidelines.

Source : The Punch

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