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Nigeria- Britain Association Presidential Cocktail

It was a privilege to attend the 2023 Presidential Cocktail hosted by the Nigeria-Britain Association (N-BA). The event took place at the residence of the British Deputy High Commissioner in Lagos, featuring the presence of diplomats, key government officials from both Nigeria and Britain.

This exclusive gathering served as a unique platform for Sola Oyetayo, the President of the Association, to articulate the vision and thematic direction for the upcoming year. The occasion facilitated the cultivation of relationships with esteemed partners and friends. Chim Chalemera, the representative of the British Deputy High Commissioner and Head of the UK Government Department of Business and Trade, expressed the strong ties between the NBA and the British Deputy High Commissioner.

Special appreciation goes to the organizers of this event and President Sola Oyetayo for sharing the Association's vision for the years ahead. This gathering was viewed as an opportunity to create pivotal moments in cementing the robust ties between Nigeria and the UK.

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