Diaspora Destinations: Nike Art Gallery


Nike Art Gallery is one of West Africa’s largest and it possesses a robust collection of around 8,000 artworks by widely recognized artists. The gallery is located at LekkiPhase 1 and it houses diversities of the Nigerian and African cultures in the form of numerous still paintings and life-sizedstatues.


The gallery provides a euphoric experience of creativity at its peaks with its well-organized environment filled with exquisitely crafted art ranging from paintings to detailed sculptures. The gallery also features some documentaries that have been created about the beautiful culture of Nigeria.

Source: nikeartgallery (instagram)

What’s more? Global and local dignitaries have been known to come in from time to time to immerse themselves in the beautiful atmosphere that Nike has created. The gallery in addition to displaying artworks holds mixed media exhibitions in partnership with other artists in the gallery from time to time.

The owner of the gallery, Nike is widely known for her skills in tie and dye, and sometimes in partnership with other artists,she hosts workshops to impart to people the depth ofknowledge she has in textile design. Although the entrance into the gallery is free, the workshops are paid for.

But, isn’t it amazing how you can get entertained, gain more knowledge about the Nigerian culture, and also learn life-changing skills all in one place?

Source: nikeartgallery (instagram)

Nike Art Gallery provides a one-of-a-kind experience to its visitors with its top-notch service and impressive art collection that is unique to them!

Here’s a plus, they organize sales of their priceless art, so you can take a bit of the gallery right into your home! So head on there!

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