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Protect Our Roads, Stop Bornfires On Them- Lagos State Government Advises.

  . . Says Practice Destroys Asphalt


Lagos State Government has reiterated the need for residents to desist from setting up a bonfire on tarred road surfaces across the State while embarking on vigilante operations, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown.


A statement signed by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Works and Infrastructure, Engineer Aramide Adeyoye, urged Lagosians to refrain from such acts, pointing out that roads that had been rehabilitated with taxpayers' money were being destroyed by the heat generated from the bonfire.


According to her, "Burning of tires directly on the roads where taxpayers’ money has been expended is not only unpatriotic, environmentally hazardous, but more importantly compromises the integrity of the pavement and overall riding surface, especially now that the rains are about to commence". 


The Special Adviser, therefore, appealed to residents to desist from this unwholesome act so that the roads will remain intact after the lockdown, thus preventing the need for further expenditure on infrastructure in the face of scarce resources.


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