Sanwo-Olu Seeks Support for Elderly Priests as Catholic Unveils Home

According to "The Nations Newspaper", LAGOS State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has approached Christian dedicated to focus on the government assistance of old ministers.

The lead representative talked at the uncovering and debut supper of St. John Mary Vianney Priest Home at Our Lady of never-ending Help Catholic Church Event Center, Victoria Island.

Lead representative Sanwo-Olu hailed the drive of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos to construct a home where old cleric who have given their lives to God and mankind, will be care for at old age.He approached Christian dedicated to give to the venture, intended to give a quality residing to the ministers.

Secretary of the Archbishop of Lagos Rev. Paul Ariole said the Archdiocese is honored with 163 native ministers and not many of them must the retirement age of 75.

Others, he said, have medical problems which need extraordinary consideration.

"In time past, through endorsement of the Archbishop, numerous older and slight clerics dwelled with Rev. Raphael Adebayo at St. Agnes Catholic Church, Maryland, and this training has additionally been kept up with by the area cleric, Anthony Fadairo.

"With the developing idea of the Archdiocese, we anticipate a future where our old ministers… will be extraordinarily catered for in their period of scarcity and not just occupant in any area," he said.

Director of St. John Mary Vianney Priest Home (SJMVPH) project Otumba Yemi Ijamakinwa expressed gratitude toward the Archbishop for naming the home after St. John Mary Vianney.

He said the existence of a minister is an existence of penance. "When appointed, a minister lives in the help of God and his kin. He doesn't possess anything of his own and everything has a place with the congregation.

"There is need for the congregation to help the clerics as they venture through this existence of penance that they have embraced. It is in accordance with this that we intend to leave on this venture that will act as a favorable living climate for the clerics."

Administrator of the arranging panel Rev. Fadairo hailed the lead representative and his significant other for the warm gathering when the gathering visited the lead representative.

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