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Senegal Uses Local Resources In Battling Coronavirus; Test All Citizens

Unlike most Countries in the various continents, Senegal seems to be winning the fight against the coronavirus pandemic as its researchers has decided to count the cost by using local resources.

Using its infrastructure that helped Senegal in its fight for Ebola, the country has developed a $1 test kit to be used in testing all citizens with or without Covid-19 symptoms.

The West African Francophone Country has no Shortage of kits as the local laboratory; Institut Pasteur ha taken the initiative to test citizens with kits used to test Dengue Fever. Patients drop blood or saliva onto the devices and wait for a bloodline to appear, like the pregnancy test.

“There is no need for a highly equipped lab. It is a simple test that can be done anywhere. The idea is to rapidly produce two to four million kits, for us and other African countries, so that we can detect and isolate patients quickly,” Amadou Sall, a scientist at Institut Pasteur told Aljazeera in an interview.


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