Take The Step Now


I'll hazard a guess and say that you're reading this on a phone or other electronic device. 

But allow me to create a mental image for you. Think about reading a handwritten article that was suspended from a flying bird's claws.

Consider a world without the conveniences that have made life convenient and fascinating, such as electricity, technology, airplanes, smart devices, and so on. It seems pretty dull, outdated, and drab, don't you think? I agree!

While we appreciate these things, it's important to keep in mind that they were once concepts that some great people held within them and consciously gave birth to in order to advance humanity.

Just consider what might have happened if Thomas Edison had given up on the concept of electricity or the lightbulb, Steve Jobs had given up on the Apple project before it even got off the ground, or the Wright Brothers had chosen to forego exploring the potential of aviation in favor of settling for less. Just try to imagine; the list is endless.

We can only imagine a world without these things because these individuals made sure to convert their ideas to be tangible and visible realities in our world today.

Now, where do you come in? Right here.

Today, we are reaping the rewards of the deeds of particular people who got up and did it nonetheless! Making decisions or following through on them can only lead to regret and deprive you and others of the advantages your actions would otherwise provide. Do you have any realistic goals? Start putting effort into them. 

Have you made any plans that need to be carried out? Execute them. 

Get up right now and carry out those decisions and plans! 

You have the opportunity to write the history of your life every day. The choices you make today will affect how you will live tomorrow. Be a good storyteller by taking it one step at a time and acting accordingly.

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