The Importance of Positive Thinking

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”— Frances Hodgson Burnett

Unpleasant situations cropping up every now and then are a norm. Plans falling through and disappointment arising because of so many reasons are also a norm. But the response to these same situations varies—it can be positive or negative. Now the question is, Which is better?

Positive thinking is more internal than external. It is as the words suggest, conditioning your thoughts to be more optimistic than pessimistic. 

The effects it has on you are almost equal to what a positive or negative diet will have on your body. Whatever you think, with time, is reflected on the outside. 

Now, which is better? I’d say positive thinking. Here’s why?

  • Positive Thinking Stirs Motivation

Motivation is key to accomplishing goals as when you are motivated, you are driven to scale every storm to get positive results. 

Nonetheless, the only poison for motivation is negative thinking. Negative thinking highlights the bad and weighs the thinker down. When you can only see negativity, there is no drive to push. But when you choose to be positive, you give your reasons to keep chasing your dreams. 

Imagine that you wanted to open a restaurant, and you have little to no more money but you have a group of friends who are super enthusiastic about the idea and would like to partner with you on this idea. 

Now, negative thinking will dwell on the lack of financial resources as ‘money is the only thing that can solve everything’ and chalk up the dream as unachievable and dumpster worthy. Then you become angry, sad, and bitter at all the factors that put you in your current position and at life itself. 

Positive thinking, on the other hand, will draw strength from the enthusiasm of his friends and think “I might not have money but I already have a team. If we pool ideas together, this will work!” 

  • Positive Thinking Promotes Better Health

The mind has a strong effect on your health. Positive thinking, according to research, has been proven to lower your chances of depression and pain, reduce stress levels, and increase your lifespan. 

Now think about it, what causes depression? The answer is simple! Focusing on the bad instead of the good stirs sadness, anger, and bitterness. You must know this. Just like an apple tree can only birth an apple, so can only bad birth bad. If you focus on the good that life has brought your way, you will find reasons to rejoice and to keep going. If you focus on the bad, you already know the answer. 

So, because the mind has been named the source of health issues (your body reacts physically to the contents of your mind), it is highly advised that you feed on good health so that your body births well. 

  • Positive Thinking Reduces Anxiety and Stress 

Positive thinking aids reduction of anxiety as it aids your ability to overcome obstacles more readily and recover more quickly from upsetting or traumatic experiences.

Life is no doubt full of ups and downs. But it is healthier to focus on the ups, so you are not weighed down. Cultivate an optimistic mind, and be daring when it comes to seeing the light in every situation. 

Make Positive thinking a necessity in your life and watch yourself thrive! 

Have at it! 

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