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Thought Patterns aid Progress

A thought pattern is a habit of thinking in a particular way using assumptions. These patterns are formed at variousstages in the life of a person, from the different environments or conversations that they have been in. Thought patterns can be positive or negative. Let’s see a few:

Discouragement: Why should I bother trying? I’m going to be a huge failure either way. Why stress? It’s too hard!

Hardness on yourself: I’m such a loser. I can’t do anything right. I mess things up more than I provide solutions. I should have grown past this by now, but here am I, a hot mess!

Expecting judgment: People will only point out the flaws in this. Will they even value my input? No, they’ll think I’m dumb. Let me not even bother giving it a go.

Confidence: I can do this! I know this is my first try, but I have what it takes!

The best way to identify the kinds of “thought patterns’ you have is by highlighting the effects they have had on your life. Negative thought patterns start a downward spiral, while positive thought patterns move you towards achieving your goal. So a good place to start in detoxifying your mind is to ask yourself questions. Have your thought patterns moved you closer to your goals? Or have they kept you further from it?

You must understand that even though minds and thought patterns go hand in hand, you can decide which thought pattern stays, and which goes. This practice is very important. Thought patterns are what differentiates a winner from a loser. The former has an ‘I can” mentality, while the other has an “I can not”. Thought patterns have a subtle but firm grip on themind, and they can translate to progress or retrogression.

Hence, you must check and correct them. Because, if you cannot overcome the mountain in your mind first, you will not overcome it in reality.

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