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U.N.L.O.C.K your Creativity

Creativity means to bring something new to life with new ways of thinking. Unlocking your ability to do this is important in our new world. An acronym for the work UNLOCK will help in understanding this.

U - Understanding you

N - Nurturing your gifts

L - Leveraging on Technology

O - Opportunities (find or create them)

C - Create a digital or physical product

K - Knowledge acquisition.

Its time to U.N.L.O.C.K your creativity it all starts with U understanding who you are, your gift, and abilities: then Nurturing what you are found in yourself, nurturing it like a seed to grow from a talent to marketable skills. You also need to Leverage on technology as it is an accelerator of creative ideas, also leverage on people's expertise and experiences accessible by getting mentors or forming a team.

Opportunities are everywhere especially in problems, designing your ideas to cater to people's needs is important. If you don't find opportunities creates one for yourself. Creation is at the heart of creativity, that's why creating a physical or digital product is important to bring the product of your creative exercise from your mind to the world. Finally, Knowledge is key, what you know will determine how grow yourself or your enterprise. Keep learning to keep earning.

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