The Importance of Defining You

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Many times, people settle into tags— wife, student, occupation— that they bear, and find their identity on these things.

The problem with this is these tags are fleeting, they are not permanent. You will not be a student forever, nor will you work forever.

So when these tags are taken off, who can you say are? 

Defining yourself is important because when there is a definition, a story can be birthed, and stability can be achieved.

Many people lose themselves because their definition is tied to a person or position.

I once heard a mother say “ When all my children moved out of my house and started their own lives, I started feeling hollow. I would wake up every day feeling empty like I had no purpose.” 

This is bound to happen, hence, you must sit with yourself, and ask, 

  • Who am I? 

  • What do I like? What do I hate? What do I want to do? What are my goals and desires?

  • Why am I doing what I am doing?

  • How can I do what I want?

As simple as these questions are, this is where the definition starts. You are on a journey. Even though you are doing it with other people, the most important part of your journey is YOU. If you don’t know, the plot will be faulty. 

Don’t tie yourself to the preferences of others. Don’t attach the meaning of your life to roles that you are playing, or the opinions of people concerning you.

Find what defines you, inherent in the answer to this question, is your purpose. 

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