Ways To Validate Yourself

Photo: Rockhampton Psychology Services

In the previous article, I talked at length about the importance of self validation. Now, I’ll be telling you some steps that will help you on the journey of self-validation.

  • Ask yourself the questions you want to ask others 

Self reflection works like magic. Before you ask the opinions of your friends, colleagues or family, find out what you think. Weigh your thoughts and sift them where necessary.

Ask yourself, “What could this person tell me?” 

  • Pay close attention to your feelings per time

Identify what feelings you are experiencing per time. Find out what your body or your mind needs. Addressing your needs helps you validate them.

  • Go easy on yourself

We are most times given to judging ourselves. Instead of this, respond to yourself as a parent would a young child. Give yourself a pat on the back sometimes. Scold yourself where necessary but don’t dwell too much on it. 

These are three techniques that have worked for me. 

Self Validation is the most important validation.

Have at it!

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