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What Do You Proritize?

Photo: Clever Girl Finance

Many times, when you get into major seasons of your life, it is easy to get so caught up in their waves and forget the people we left ashore. 

If there is anything I have learnt, it is that whilst not every relationship is necessarily important, there are some core ones that we have identified, and that must not be trifled with. 

Now, there is a pattern that falls in place when it comes to relationships— For anything to grow and live, effort must be invested. 

At a Parents’ hangout, some parents were asked why they worked so hard, and they answered “Because of my family.” 

The host went on, “On a scale of 1-10, how hard do you work for the comfort of your family?” 

Different answers were sounded, “9,10,8”

The host then asked, “When was the last time you spent time with the family you are working so hard for? 

The entire room went quiet.

It is good food for thought. Don’t get too caught up with providing that you fail to prioritize the people you are working to provide for or your friends. 

Loneliness can not be cured even with the largest amount of money in the bank.

Invest time and resources into your friendships and relationships. These are the real gold. 

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