What happens after setting goals?

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For the most part, making or forming goals is an everyday occurrence. Most of these goals are born when comparing lives, or from daily life occurrences, or when people are in tough situations where they were insulted or looked down on by their counterparts. 

From the six year old deciding to work three jobs just to get the glittering candy in the display window of the candy store because her mother refused to buy it, to a high school student deciding to exercise twice as hard to qualify for the position of quarterback and getting the football scholarship, or to office executives making a long term goal of realizing a million dollars worth of profit from an ongoing venture before the year runs out, the list is endless but it further cements the truth that goals are birthed every day and they are a response to the situations we find ourselves in daily or per time.  Now, goal setting is not the end of the journey, it is just the beginning.

When you set your goals, what next?

Most times, when goals are set, people begin to pursue them because overtime that has been the arrangement;

Set a goal—pursue—fulfill it.

This is a beautiful path to follow after setting goals but it is not the most ideal. Here’s why, 

Not every goal should be achieved, some goals shouldn't be worked towards or invested because they are not SMART. 

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Attainable

R- Relevant

T- Time-bound

So what should happen after setting goals?

Check that your goals are attainable

Whilst I strongly encourage dreaming big, I equally encourage setting attainable goals. Attainable goals stretch your abilities by pushing you to the extreme but remain doable e.g owning and running a globally recognized law firm or winning the award for the best doctor in the hospital you work. These goals will stretch you but they are attainable as opposed to setting a goal to buy the universe. Very unrealistic, yes?

Pick one or two goals and focus on them

Focusing on too many goals subjects you to undue pressure, which in the end stops you from achieving any of the goals at all. Hence, to stop this from happening, select the goals that are most important to you, research them, and actively pursue them to the best of your abilities. 

Focus suggests that all that you are is trained on your goal and its feasibility, not on the obstacles or hardships that will present themselves. 

Draw up a plan and stick to it

A plan aids focus. So, draw up a plan and set a deadline for each section of the plan. Stick to the plan you have laid in place, avoid procrastinating, and instead treat each section as a “do or die affair”.

Believe it and see yourself in it

The most efficient killer of goals is self-doubt. Don’t entertain it. You can overcome self doubt by speaking positively over yourself and surrounding yourself with people who will help build your confidence and support you to realize your goals. 

When you envision your goal, see yourself actively living it and with time, hard work, and persistence you will see it all play out beautifully!

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