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What You Should Know About Value in Relationships

For anything to thrive in the world, it must meet a need. As long as you are meeting a need; providing value, you cannot go extinct.

This is the same with relationships. There are relationships that last a lifetime, only because both parties are contributing to each other’s lives. As long as needs are met, the relationship thrives. This is value.

So, what is value?

Value is the significance of a thing.

It's a very simple but weighty definition.

From every relationship, whether it be a platonic, romantic, or financial one, value must be gotten. Either on a large scale or a small one.

Most times, if you'll admit, you are overcome with the need to have quantity over quality. So you make relationships in every space, and then you try to keep up with these lives whether they are on your speed or not. Then you get overwhelmed when it is not working. After that, you beat yourself up about it, rest for a while and start the process all over again.

Here's are my thoughts following the definition of value:

Having relationships is good. But, having relationships that provide you with value is much better.

Quality is better than quantity any day. Not every person should be held close. Not every relationship should be maintained.

So, check your relationships, what good are you getting from each one?

This is the ultimate game changer.

Most wealthy people are friends with other people in their close circle because of one reason: Value.

They give, they are filled and vice versa.

This is why relationships exist.

PS: Value does not have to always be monetary.

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