What Keeps You Going?

Photo: A Lethbridgian View

An anchor is a tool that secures a boat to the bottom of a body of water in order to stop the craft from drifting away from the shore due to wind or current. An anchor is often composed of metal.

The role of the anchor in a ship is unarguably a core one. It spells trouble to carry a ship out without an anchor because turbulence on sea is a necessary occurrence. An anchor keeps the ship going. When it hits a turbulence, the anchor is tossed in and the ship is stable and saved from destruction. It is the same way with humans.

Turbulence in life is unavoidable. It can present itself in different forms, and at different times. Hence, having a support that keeps you adrift is extremely necessary to keep you from going under. 

An anchor provides you with clarity. Whether it’s in business, emotional matters, mental matters, an anchor keeps you in the clarity, and the importance of the vision. An anchor reminds you of the reasons why you started and why you should keep on going. 

This is necessary because sometimes when you get overwhelmed by tides, you can be tempted to give it all up. Depending on yourself alone can get testy. 

Sometimes you can get in situations where you don’t see any need proceeding, or where you feel so weighed down by pressing matters. 

So who can be your anchor?

  • Let your vision be your anchor

It is important to have your vision as your anchor, because it will daily remind you of where you are going, and when this is firmly planted in your mind, you are continually stirred to keep going. 

Thomas Edison had a vision, that’s why even after failing the 1000th try, he kept at it until he birthed the light bulb. His vision kept him tied at shore and that way, he birthed results. 

  • Have a person that knows your vision

Having someone you can be accountable to is super important. Because sometimes, you can give up and choose to forget about your vision in your frenzy. But, the person that knows your vision is a voice of reading that keeps you accountable and in good reasoning. 

Doing life without an anchor is not ideal. So, what is your anchor? Find it and hold on to it. 

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