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What To Do When You Get an Idea (1)

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Ideas are precious gems that come every once in a while. Some are life transforming–like creating an airplane.

Others are, well, you know a little on the wild side– like dressing up as a clown to work. It borders on unreasonable, no? Exactly!

Ideas are excellent and should be treated as such but you must be able to tell which idea to invest in and which not to. 

So what’s an idea?

An Idea is the first step in creating anything successful. A winning idea is the foundation of any success.

Thomas Edison had the idea to create the lightbulb, despite his failures, he held on to it because he could see the greater good that the idea would do for humanity. And soon enough, the idea became a success— the lightbulb you see in buildings. 

So here’s what to do when you get an idea: 

  • Make a physical note of your ideas

Have an idea book. Write down every idea that you write. Some ideas for the moment, others are for the future. Don't write off any idea, write it down.

  • Identify your idea 

Identifying your idea might just be the most important tip when it comes to the idea cycle. This will determine if you are investing your resources in what will make an impact and birth returns or you are pouring your time and funds in a dead end. 

Not all ideas are winning ideas. Thomas Edison could keep on trying to invent the lightbulb because he had identified the status of the idea and he knew it would be amazing and impactful.

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