Why Not Now?

The danger inherent in the commonly used phrase "I'll do it later" — which is a wordy substitute for Procrastination—  is more vast than you imagine. 

As opposed to what you may think, procrastination is not only synonymous with lazy people, it is with hard working people too. So what triggers procrastination? 

Procrastination gets in motion when you:

  • Are clueless on how to start.

  • Too tired to commit.

  • Capitalizing on the distant deadline of a project just for comfort.

Now that we have highlighted what the possible causes of Procrastination are, I have a question.

What would you think if I told you to STOP READING THIS NOW,  COME BACK TO IT LATER!

It doesn’t make any sense no? Why, though? I’m just asking you to procrastinate. See,

Procrastination becomes a norm when you make it make sense. And when it does, you begin to live in the by-product of  procrastination— giving excuses.

Thomas Jefferson said “ Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

Doing the opposite of this quote simply steals valuable time for other aspects of your life and starts a vicious cycle. E.g  A project you were supposed to complete in two weeks, gets delayed till the deadline, as you hurry to complete the former project, another one comes up, and another, and another. Then, the popular statement, “I’m busy!” crops up.


Here’s my tidbit:

If you must procrastinate, procrastinate your procrastination. Don’t let your “not now” become a never. Don't push till later what can be done now!

Ask Yourself....Why not now?

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