Why You Should Be Happy?

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If I were to ask you, “What is Happiness?”  What would your response be? 

The definition of happiness is subjective and mostly dependent on who is being asked. 

To a three-year-old child, happiness is probably licking their favourite ice cream.

To a teenager, it’s maybe getting the most recent electronic device or dress from a top brand. 

To an adult, it is maybe getting a promotion or getting married.

Every person experiences happiness. It is a universal feeling but the definition is not. Nonetheless, most times, happiness happens to us without us intending for it to. Think about it.

Now, Life is full of ups and downs. If you let life happen to you, your emotions will be a rollercoaster with mood swings, depression, happiness, and frustration being the passengers. 

Happiness is a choice. It is something to be intentional about.

So why should you be happy?

  • Happiness Improves Your Health

It has been scientifically proven that happiness helps to combat stress, boosts your immune systems, and lessens your susceptibility to colds and chest infections. 

  • Happiness Increases Productivity 

Who do you think will be more productive, someone who always complains about the unfairness of life or someone who chooses to see the good in every situation? 

A positive view of life naturally leads to high levels of activity and hands-on involvement in life.

  • Happiness Keeps Your Relationships Healthy

Being happy with others around you makes your relationships stronger and more fun, thus being happy in a relationship is crucial. The happiness and stability of those relationships are greatly influenced by the feelings you experience with other people.

Don’t wait for reasons to be happy. Create reasons for yourself.

Choose Happiness!

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