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Why you should focus on positives

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I was talking with someone and she said, “When I wake up in the morning, I'm not particularly excited about my day. I have a lot of work that never seems to end. On top of all of that, I have to prepare the kids for school, make breakfast, get ready, beat traffic and still get to work on time. It is exhausting!”

It is very common to find people get sad and overwhelmed by so many things going on in their lives, it happens. Certainly, it is okay to feel a certain way, but it is not okay to remain in that feeling if it is negative. Without doubt , the popular saying “whatever you focus on, will be magnified” is what comes to play in situations like this. 

Think about it, do you ever feel sad at a carnival, arcade or a fun birthday party? No! This is because the energy in these different places is positive, and because you are so immersed in it, you can only feel happy. But then, let’s take the scene to a burial instead. Because the energy in a burial borders on sadness, and a sinking feeling, you can only be sad because you are focused on the ceremony.

Without doubt, what you focus on is what gets magnified. 

Let’s go back to our short story, let’s call our main character, Sheila. Sheila woke up in the morning, and she pointed at every bad thing that was going on in her life at that time, and as a ripple effect, she went into her day angry and overwhelmed. 

But, just imagine that Sheila got up and said, “Shoot! I have a lot of work to do! But I am grateful that I am alive and I even have stuff to cater to. Now, If I take it one after the other,in no time I will be done!” 

See? It is a law of life. You live in the consequences or benefits of what your focus births. Just like a mango tree can only produce mango, focusing on the negatives can only produce negative emotions, and vice versa. The first Sheila was depressed even before her feet touched the ground. The second Sheila had a lot to do but she chose to focus on the positives which gave her strength. 

Life is full of challenges. But you can decide to take them on with joy or with trepidation and sadness. Focusing on the positives does not just happen, you have to be deliberate in choosing to do it. But it is a choice that only births benefits and helps you go through life with strength birthed from joy.

A good question to ask yourself now is, “What am I really focusing on?” Redirect your focus and watch yourself soar! 

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