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Why You Should Hold On To Small Wins

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I was listening to an interview on the radio one day, the owner of a thriving restaurant in Lagos was a guest.

When she was asked how she survived her trying years, she said “On those cold and dark days, when I felt like there was no need to continue chasing my dreams, the wins that I had had in the past, albeit small ones, kept me going.

There was a time when I was the cook, the waiter,and the cleaner because I couldn’t afford to pay employees, there were times we would make nothing short of #10,000 in two weeks. There are a lot of such instances but recounting them in my recent tough times told me that if I could pull through it all then, I can do it now, and even better.”

There is so much to applaud in her story, and there is also so much to learn. Most times, people make the mistake of disregarding the small wins because they are not as glamorous as the big and final ones. This is a huge mistake that speeds up the process of frustration.

I like to think of small wins as anchors that hold you in place and strengthen your resolve. If you could do it then, you can do it now. Your small wins are like cheerleaders along the road of the marathon. When you focus on them, you find the strength to keep moving. There’s a saying- when you focus on positives, you can only birth positives. This is what happens when you focus on your small wins.

When you focus on wins, you produce more wins because what your focus is on, amplifies. So, if you focus on the times when you were so close to losing but you scaled through, when you are in situations similar to the aforementioned, with your mind conditioned to that win and the truth that you can make it, you will make it. Winning starts first from the mind, if your mind stays on your past wins, you are geared towards success.

Small wins matter. They are there for the hard times, tossing them out in the trash is like burning all your warm jackets right before an intense harmattan. Hold on to every win you have ever gotten, they are strengths that will keep you going in the arduous journey of chasing your dreams. Every win is important.

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