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Why You Should Know Yourself


I noticed once, that I was paying more attention to getting to know other people rather than knowing myself. I was so caught up asking questions, finding out likes and dislikes.

Then I realised this. I’ll share; The knowledge you have of your self is very vital to your journey (life). Because, to grow yourself, you must know yourself.

Let’s relate this to traveling by any of the modes of transportation available now. Whether you are in the air, on the road, or on the sea, you will encounter turbulence.

Knowledge of how to handle these turbulence will determine if you will move forward in the journey or you will get stuck.

It is same with life. Turbulence can come in form of relationships, or opportunities. What you know about yourself will determine your response to the problems that you encounter. Your response will determine if you will grow or not.

The knowledge you have of yourself will determine your values. In turn, your values will determine your response. Your response lead you closer to your purpose

So ask yourself questions:

• What is your purpose?

• What are your strengths?

• What are your weaknesses?

• What are your likes and dislikes?

• What are the biggest areas for personal growth?

Be honest with yourself and invest in getting to know yourself.

You are the most important part in your journey.

Remember, to grow yourself, you must know yourself.

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