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You Are Paid For Practical Skills Not Just Potential

Potentials are inherent qualities that may be developed and will contribute to future success.

When employers announce job vacancies, they are seeking people who can bring their organizational goals to life effectively. Employers primarily hire people based on what they can offer now, and not what they will be able to offer in the future. This must be a major focus for you in your job search.

The question every employer asks is, What can you offer the company?

The success of the company and maximization of its profits is the core focus of every head of an organization. Hence, they are in search of talents that can commit to this and effectively contribute to this.

Now, practical skills are skills that you are adept in. It is key to highlight what you can offer as it answers the most important question that all employers ask. Check your level of proficiency in these skills, do you need to up-skill? Or are you at a good level in the usage of that skill?

Every employer will always go for the best that can guarantee the success of their business. The mind of these employers is not just tuned to the future, they realise that the now will play a huge role in the future, hence they would rather pick who is best now.

It is good to believe in yourself, but to get people to believe in you and where you are going, you must produce results which takes us back to the topic: You are paid for your practical skills--the skills you are using in the now that are producing and can produce results.

When in school or during paid or unpaid internships, you have the opportunity to develop your potential into practical skills. But when you are working a job, you are expected to deliver practically and your pay is based on this.

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