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You Are Priceless But Your Skills Are Priced

A marketplace is a thriving place (literally and figuratively), where avid buying and selling occurs. It is like an auction ground where the sellers—the ones with skills are put on display, for the buyers—the ones with the resources to pay, are on the lookout for the best fit for their idea or dream.

Every buyer will always make bids and put a value on your service because that is the custom, and that is the way to get the most out of any work relationship. So, when you are in an active job search, placing a value on your skills either by yourself or prospective employers, is a necessity that you must accommodate.

Now, the value that will be placed on your skills is determined by the results that you have put forward and the solutions you have provide or will provide. Hence, it is key to upgrade your skills as often as you can because your value will only go up depending on the quality of service you make available. In the marketplace, you must upgrade your skills to upgrade your pay.

To reiterate, it is essential to know your worth, however, it is more essential to show forth results that prove your worth because that is what determines your pri

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