Your Vision and Your Passion

When I think of Passion, I picture an energy drink that spurs its carrier. Passion is intense enthusiasm, an excitement that is born from a desire to actualize a vision. So what is a vision? A vision is the ability to envisage a future that transcends present realities.

How do they relate, you might ask? The result of a vision is strong passion. We see this at play in almost every aspect of our daily lives.

Let's bring it home for clarity, if you have a vision to have the best restaurant in your town, you immediately begin to take steps towards it right? You make a business plan, decide on appropriate recipes, consult an experienced restaurant owner or a knowledgeable business expert, build a team, and attend to the other intricacies that come into play. These items I listed are what I would call fruits of passion.

Passion keeps you on the move with your goal in sight; it births results. Passion is what makes a visionary climb the tallest heights and tread the roughest of terrains. In simple terms, passion fans the flames of your vision regardless of the negativity that threatens to stifle it.

Undoubtedly, applying passion to vision is somewhat akin to infusing an energy drink into a tired body as I said earlier. Don't get me wrong, your vision is not tired. But, just like a tired body cannot function up to par, your vision will remain abstract if passion does not come into play.

Definitely, it goes without saying that you can not achieve something great if you are not passionate about it. Challenges are necessary evils on the way to success but mixing your passion with your vision is what can guarantee success.

A good vision births strong passion. A vision by itself is not enough.

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