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Dealing With Fear

According to the dictionary, fear is a crippling emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. In my opinion, fear is a barrier that obscures your sight and stops you from fulfilling your dreams. Fear keeps you bound in the present, and stops you from going for the possibilities of the future.

Fear is a luxury that you must not afford if you will fulfil your dreams or even make something of your life. It’s normal to feel fear but it is dangerous to stay scared.

So, how can you deal with fear?

Face It

Stop running! As opposed to what you may think, running enlongates your process for success. It keeps you small and hinders you from reaching your goals.

So you want to succeed? Face your fears.

Find Your Why

Why do you want to succeed? What’s the driving force for your passion?

Find this, and fear will not hold you back!

Stay Positive

Negativity is a ripe ground for fear to thrive. So stay positive, see the possibilities, and push forward.

Life is best lived outside fear. Don’t hold back. Take the step because in the words of George Addair, everything you need is on the other side of fear!


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