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Professor David Mba: The New Vice-Chancellor at Birmingham City University (BCU)

In an inspiring testament to the power of dedication and intellectual prowess, Professor David Mba, of Nigerian descent, has recently assumed the esteemed role of Vice-Chancellor at the prestigious Birmingham City University (BCU) in the United Kingdom.

This significant achievement is not only a personal victory for Professor Mba but also serves as a beacon of encouragement for other Nigerians, both in the diaspora and within the nation, proving that with hard work and resilience, one can ascend to remarkable heights.

Professor Mba, prior to his recent elevation, served with distinction in a pivotal role at the University of the Arts London (UAL) as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, where he was responsible for research, knowledge exchange, and enterprise. This experience will prove invaluable as he steers the academic and administrative helm at BCU, particularly at such a significant phase in the University's evolution.

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Expressing his exhilaration about the new role, Professor Mba acknowledged the robust growth that BCU has experienced in recent times. He is set to harness this momentum as the University propels towards its ambitious goals for the upcoming decade.

The Professor's vision for the institution is clear and focused: Unleashing the potential of its students, celebrating and nurturing the skills of its staff, and meeting the needs of the regional and national economy.

Anita Bhalla, the University's new Chair of the Board of Governors, who played a key role in Professor Mba's appointment, expressed her delight at securing such an accomplished individual to navigate BCU's future journey. She spoke highly of Professor Mba's wealth of experience, his expertise, and his tenacity to uphold and enhance BCU's stellar reputation. She also gave thanks to the outgoing Vice-Chancellor, Professor Philip Plowden, under whose guidance the University saw an impressive increase in its student community and a marked influence on the city and beyond.

Sir Lenny Henry, the renowned actor, writer, activist, and BCU's Chancellor since 2016, welcomed Professor Mba's appointment. He highlighted the Professor's unwavering commitment to social justice and advocacy for diversity as fundamental strengths that will enrich BCU's growing and diverse community.

Before his illustrious tenure at UAL, Professor Mba held senior leadership roles at several prestigious universities including Cranfield University, London South Bank University, and De Montfort University.

His scholarly contributions to the field of mechanical engineering are highly regarded and have resulted in numerous commercial and publicly funded research projects, along with over 300 journal and conference publications.

Professor Mba's journey, from his roots in Nigeria to becoming the Vice-Chancellor of a prominent UK University, serves as a compelling narrative of success and inspiration for Nigerians, urging them to aim for excellence in their chosen paths and contribute meaningfully to their communities, wherever in the world they may be.


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