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Celebrate Your Small Wins

Big wins are amazing. They have a way of putting a huge spring in your steps and giving you a reputation that makes you the star of the show.

But, as much as they are great, you would agree with me that they do not come so often. Not because you are not doing well enough, but because a big win is a huge ball made up from a series of small wins.

So what are small wins?

Small wins are victories that happen frequently in your work or life in general. They don’t command as much attention as a big win, and nor do they have an impact as huge as a big win. Nonetheless, they are still amazing to have.

A big win might be getting a multi-billion dollar company to invest in your start-up. A small win on the other hand might be selling ten bottles of your skin care in a local mart in your residence in one day.

Why should you celebrate small wins?

Small victories serve as anchors that keep you anchored and fortify your determination, in my opinion. You can still do it now if you could do it back then. Your minor victories serve as marathon course cheerleaders. You can muster the energy to continue moving when you concentrate on them.

There's a cliché that says you can only produce positive things if you concentrate on them. When you concentrate on your minor victories, you produce more wins because your focus is on wins.

Every victory you have ever experienced is a strength that will help you persevere during the trying process of pursuing your dreams.

Winning starts first from the mind, if your mind stays on your small wins, you are geared towards success. 

Each victory is significant. Treat it as such!

You’ve got this!

Photo: TED Ideas


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