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NSCDC Official foils Covid-19 patient's escape attempt

A COVID-19 patient undergoing treatment at the Infectious Disease Control Center, Down Quarters, Kaduna South, attempted to escape from the isolation centre but was captured by NSCDC officers on duty.

According to the Media Assistant to the Commandant General Ekunola Gbenga, the COVlD-19 patient tried to leave the centre for morning prayers without the permission of doctors.

A fight ensued between the NSCDC officers who tried to stop him fro meaving the center. The fleeing patient is said to have forcefully taken the entrance key to the isolation centre, and tried to open the gate to escape, but was later overpowered by the NSCDC officers.

The patient was arrested by Corps Assistant Joshua Philip who was among the officers on duty at the isolation center.

The COVID-19 index is said to have engaged Joshua Philip in a scruffle after he stopped him from leaving his quarantine ward at the isolation centre, this in turn exposed the officer to the infectious disease.

The keys were later disinfected and the doctor gave the personnel some drugs. The officer was also instructed to self-Isolate for two weeks and to call the center if he develops any symptoms.

Picture Credit: NSCDC


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